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Get help with your computer, your phone, wifi problems and so many other things.

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Speed is king


Performance runs deeper than how fast does the website load in the best conditions. a few moments of work up front can save hours down the road leading to more sales during the life of your site.

Test your site with Google's tool

Check it out on web.dev

Google - Why does speed matter?

Pingdom - Does Page Load Time Really Affect Bounce Rate?

Keep it strong


The good and the bad part of having a 24/7 store is that you have a 24/7 store which is open to customers and those less diseriable, we start with the premise your site will be under attack and develop a stategy to keep it running through the good and the bad.

Test your security with Mozilla's tool


Rank on Google


There is a lot to being on the first page, work with search engine's not against them.

By creating custom data of the right size and shape for each page the content you want comes through.

Test your security with Google's tool looking for rich data in these key areas.

Google Rich Test Results
  • Local Business
  • Article
  • Breadcrumb
  • Event
  • FAQ
  • Job Posting
  • Logo
  • Product
  • Review snippet
  • Sitelinks search box
  • Video

Everyone can use this


A11y helps everyone, not only those with a dissability.

Test your security with Web AIM's tool


Not just party trick.

Dark Mode

When a client is looking at your website with their device in dark mode they expect your website to respect that.

Dark mode can also give a huge advantage to battery life as a nice additional use case.

The Messages.


We can set you up with Gmail, Office 365, the apps you want on your phone computer, tablet to be ready to go whenever you want.

We prefer to stay away from forward only emails as these have lead to problems over time.

Dot Com.


Your domain is the end of your website name, the dot something, it's not just .com there are over 300 domains avaliable there are some really cool branding things that can be done with these.

If you want to hold onto that, great, if we do it for you that's no problem it's yours at any time.

Preferably let's get you off Go Daddy or Crazy Domains if you are with them theres a good chance you are over paying or getting a terrible experience.

Budget depends on which domain but these often cost twenty to thirty dollars per year.

The Files


The files that are your website have to be somewhere, this might be refered to as the cloud but we can do some interesting things with more than a folder.

If you are hosting your website with your own setup then it becomes far more time consuming to get setup and troubleshoot.

Prices depend on size of storage needed and complexity of tools.